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St Enochs is a sheep grazing enterprise in the volcanic grasslands of Western Victoria comprising approximately 2000Ha.

Currently working with wool and meat, we are redesigning our business to focus on quality merino wool with the goal of being RWS accredited (or a similar program) in the next three years. We also have a heavy focus on conservation of Native Temperate Grasslands and the associated flora and fauna species.

St Enochs was established in approximately 1838. David's family have been caring for this land since 1898. We are husband, wife and daughter with our valued team member, Toby working alongside us as we seek to transform our life skills and business to have the freedom to create a meaningful life.

We live generously with open hearts and minds

as we nurture our

family, business and landscape.

St Enochs - David, Deb, Katherine and Toby
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